You probably do a lot to get the external part of your house ready for colder temperatures. There’s pro lawn care, raking and the list could keep going. But there’s something else critical outside your residence that frequently gets forgotten.

Your heat pump operates throughout the summer and winter to keep your home comfy. And all that hard work requires some serious maintenance to ensure it gives efficient, trouble-free comfort.

So, you might be thinking, how frequently should you work on your heat pump in Athol? Is it needed if it’s new or running correctly? Let’s go over why heat pump maintenance is important and how frequently you should schedule it.

Why Heat Pump Service is Needed

Your heat pump is critical for keeping your family comfortable all through the seasons. With regular service, you’ll enjoy trouble-free comfort regardless of the temperature. But if you skip pro tune-ups, your heat pump can turn dirty.

A heat pump that requires maintenance can struggle with lowered performance, which can make your energy bills bigger. It may even freeze up, interfering with your family’s comfort. You might even get stuck with a costly repair bill that, in many situations, could have been unnecessary.

One of the most crucial components of maintenance you can do by yourself is installing a new air filter. If the filter gets too filthy, your heat pump could begin to switch off and on more frequently, which is known as short cycling. Not only does this drive up your energy bills, it can also shorten your heat pump’s life cycle because it’s operating all the time.

If you choose a flat filter, our specialists advise installing a new one each month. If you install a pleated filter, those generally last up to three months. An easy approach to determine whether your filter should be replaced is by getting it out and holding it up to light. If you don’t notice any light, it’s time to replace it.

However, how frequently you need to buy a new filter is contingent upon a couple of things: how often your heat pump is running, if you have pets and if anyone has allergies. Our Alpine Summit Heating & Cooling professionals can provide assistance if you aren’t sure how frequently you should change your filter or what the right style is for your needs.

How Often You Should Get Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps differ from air conditioners or furnaces, since they operate throughout the year. Because of this, we advise doing heat pump maintenance in Athol twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall.

That way, you’ll get a head start on the cooling and heating seasons. And you’ll have time to schedule any needed repairs completed prior to needing your heat pump. Frequent upkeep also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty ongoing, which is important if your heat pump was recently purchased.

Besides putting in a fresh air filter and keeping enough room by your heat pump outside, we don’t suggest doing heat pump maintenance by yourself. Your heat pump is a detailed piece of equipment that requires assistance from a qualified heating and cooling pro.

All our friendly Alpine Summit Heating & Cooling professionals have completed comprehensive training to meet all needs. They’re also fully licensed and insured, which means your heat pump is in knowledgeable hands.

Here is a portion of the work we’ll do on our service visit:

  • Inspect your ducts, blower and indoor coil for dirt or other buildup that can affect heating and cooling.
  • Confirm correct refrigerant levels and check for any leaks.
  • Test and fix electrical connections.
  • Lube motors and belts.
  • Evaluate total heat pump operation for safety and good performance.

This week is a great time to schedule your heat pump maintenance appointment with Alpine Summit Heating & Cooling. Our professionals are here to support you with energy-efficient, stress-free heating and cooling. Contact us at 208-561-1226 to request your appointment today, and make sure to look at our offers for special discounts on your upcoming maintenance appointment.